At, we build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people. Over the past 24 months, has entered a new growth trajectory steaming from the smart building vertical. We grew from 30 to 90 people and quadrupled our ARR – all while remaining extremely capital efficient. Now, we are entering the next growth stage, taking the business from $10M+ to $100M+ ARR. As a Sr. Product Manager at, you’ll take on the exciting challenge of becoming the CEO of our Kio Cloud. Your mission is to make the No1 indoor location solution provider. You will drive the Kio Cloud Product portfolio from the backend to data streams, including the AI Location Engine and Occupancy Engine using Thermal Imaging and AI. You will be responsible for working with an array of stakeholders, including the CEO, CRO and VP of Engineering, to plan and drive product development and go to market. You will report to the US-based VP of Product.

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